Slovénie - autorité compétente (art. 6)

Autorités compétentes désignées :

1. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia (for certification of the authenticity of the signatures and seals of notaries, district judges, and court interpreters on public documents);
2. District Courts in Slovenia (for certification of the authenticity of the signatures and seals of notaries, notary candidates, judges (except district judges), state institutions, organisations and individuals, executing public powers of attorney and legal persons on public documents - applicable for all district courts in Slovenia).

Coordonnées :


Ministry of Justice
Zupanciceva 3

Téléphone: +386 (1) 369 53 94
Télécopie: +386 (1) 369 52 33
Site Internet:
Personnes à contacter: Katarina Kersmanc, Spela Stebal Rencelj
(languages of communication: Slovenian, English)

2. District Courts in Slovenia (cliquer ici)

Informations pratiques :


1. The Ministry of Justice charges administrative tax for the issuance of Apostille on public documents in accordance with the Act on administrative taxes. The administrative tax for issuance of each Apostille amounts to € 3,00.
2. District courts in Slovenia as judicial authorities are obliged by Court fees Act, which prescribes a fee of € 2,46 for a single Apostille when the public document is in the Slovenian language and € 5,00 when the public document is in a foreign language.

Information on the issuance of Apostilles: As of 1 September 2012 Slovenian district courts issue the seal "Apostille", which is signed by a scanned signature of the competent district judge and it contains a scanned seal of the competent district court. The new system is supported by a centralised e-register, which is publicly accessible online and allows users to verify the signature on Apostille (see below). A sample Apostille will be made available soon. Please be advised that the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, which is competent to issue "Apostille" on public documents, signed by notaries, district court judges and court interpreters still issues "Apostille", which is manually signed and sealed.
Liens utiles: Ministère de la Justice (en slovène)
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