Géorgie - Autorité compétente (art. 6)

Autorités compétentes désignées :

1. LEPL Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

PSDA is in charge of certify all documents with apostille, if the other Competent Authorities are not doing so.   

2. LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

When it comes to the educational documents (university diplomas, high school diplomas, etc.), in accordance with the joint Order № 93/ნ – №170 dated 10 August 2016 of the Minister of Education and Science and the Minister of Justice of Georgia On Approval of the Rule for Requesting and Obtaining of Information Required for Certification with Apostille/Legalization of Documents issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and Authorities within the System of the Ministry as well as  documents Issued by Educational Institutions within the Scope of their Powers”, the documents are submitted to the PSDA by a concerned person and the documents are sent by the PSDA through electronic management system to the LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia for reviewing, which takes a positive and/or negative decision on certification of documents with Apostille.      

3. LEPL Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is authorized to apostille documents executed/issued by the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. 

Coordonnées :

Adresse: LEPL Public Service Development Agency
Ministry of Justice of Georgia 
67a A.Tsereteli Ave. 
Tbilisi 0154 

Territorial office in Tbilisi:

Tbilisi Public Service Hall
2 Sanapiro str. Tbilisi
Téléphone: +995 (32) 240 1010
Télécopieur: -
Courriel: online@sda.gov.ge
Site Internet: www.sda.gov.ge
Langue de communication: Georgian, Russian, English
Personne à contacter: Davit Gabunia
Bureaux régionaux:
  • Akhalkalaki -  Address: N 9 Tavisupleba str., Akhalkalaki, Georgia;   
  • Senaki -  Address: N 23 Akaki Eliava str., Senaki, Georgia;   
  • Borjomi – Address: N 2 Erekle str., Borjomi, Georgia;   
  • Dmanisi – Address: Khergiani str., Dmanisi, Georgia;   
  • Tsalka – Address: N 12 Aristotle str., Tsalka, Georgia;   
  • Kareli – Address: N 24 Tamar Mepe str., Kareli, Georgia;   
  • Kobuleti – Address: N 131 Rustaveli str., Kobuleti, Georgia;   
  • Poti – Address:  N 26 Rustaveli Arc, Poti, Georgia;  
  • Zugdidi – Address: N 2 Theatre str., Zugdidi, Georgia;   
  • Telavi – Address: N 4 Erekle II Square, Telavi, Georgia;   
  • Akhaltsikhe – Address: N 3 Mikheil Tamarashvili str., Akhaltsikhe, Georgia;   
  • Gori – Address: N 7 Davit Guramishvili str., Gori, Georgia;   
  • Gurjaani – Address: N 15a Tavisupleba str., Gurjaani, Georgia;   
  • Kvareli – Address: N 57 Ilia Tchavtchavadze str., Kvareli, Georgia;   
  • Tianeti – Address: N 3 Davit Sanikidze str., Tianeti, Georgia.   
  • Martvili – Address: N 2 Konstantine Gamskahurdia str., Martvili, Georgia;   
  • Oni – Address: N 8B Vakhtang VI str., Oni, Georgia;    
  • Lagodekhi – Address: N 25B Zakatala str., Lagodekhi, Georgia;   
  • Khoni – Address: N 40 Mose Khoneli str., Khoni, Georgia;   
  • Bolnisi – Address: N 106 Sulkhan-Saba str., Blnisi, Georgia;   
  • Tetritskaro – Address: N 36 Tamar Mepe str., Tetritskaro, Georgia   



LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia
1 M. Aleksidze str. 
Tbilisi, 0193

Téléphone: +995 (3) 2 200-220
Télécopieur: -
Courriel: info@eqe.ge
Site Internet: www.eqe.ge
Langue de communication: Georgian, Russian, English
Personne à contacter: Ms. Salome Abramishvili



LEPL Service Agency
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
Tsiteli Khidi Highway, 21st km
Tbilisi, Georgia 

Téléphone: +955 32 241 9191
Courriel sukhitashvili.s@sa.gov.ge
Site Internet: www.sa.gov.ge
Langue de communication: Georgian, English, Russian
Personne à contacter: Mr Sopio Sukhitashvili

Information pratique:


The prices of service for the apostille is: 

  • 20 GEL (to get service within 10 working days); 

In addition, PSDA offers the customers to get the fast-service of apostille within the special terms with extra costs: 

  • 40 GEL (to get service within 4 working days); 
  • 70 GEL (to get service within 2 working days); 
  • 100 GEL (to get service on the same day). 

Fee for translation of one page of a document to certify with Apostille is 20 GEL.  





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