Danemark - organismes agréés (arts 10, 11 et 12)

Note: As of 29 January 2015, the two Danish accredited bodies DanAdopt and AC
International Child Support have been merged. The accredited body's name is now:

Danish International Adoption - DIA
Hovedgaden 24
3460 Birkerød
Tel.: +45 45 81 63 33
E-mail: mail@d-i-a.dk

DIA has been accredited by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior and is authorized to establish contact between prospective adoptive parents and a child with a view to intercountry adoption and to complete the adoption. As a general rule, prospective adoptive parents must be registered at an accredited body in order to be approved as an
adoptive parent. DIA has accreditation to continue working with cases in progress and contacts in the original names of DanAdopt and AC International Child Support, respectively. 

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