Royaume-Uni - Autorité centrale & informations pratiques

Autorité centrale :

The Senior Master, Royal Courts of Justice

Coordonnées :

Adresse: For the attention of the Foreign Process Section
Room E16
Royal Courts of Justice
Téléphone: +44 203 936 8957 (please select the option for ‘Foreign Process’)
Courriel: Ministry of Justice:
Site Internet:  
Personne à contacter:  
Langues de communication: anglais


Informations pratiques:

Autorités expéditrices
(art. 3(1)):

England and Wales:
The Senior Master of the Royal Courts of Justice
London WC2A 2LL
Switchboard: +44 207 947 6000
Tel: +44 203 936 8957 (please select the option for ‘Foreign Process’)
Website: Ministry of Justice 

Scottish Government Justice Directorate
Central Authority & International Law Team
St. Andrew's House (GW15)
Edinburgh EH1 3DG
Scotland, UK
E-mail: or
Tel.: +44 131 244 4829 

Northern Ireland:
The Master (Queen’s Bench and Appeals)
Royal Courts of Justice
Chichester Street
Belfast BT1 3JF
Tel: +44 28 9072 4639
Website: Department of Justice NI

Formes de signification ou de notification
(art. 5(1)(2)):

Personal service on individuals and postal service on registered offices of companies. If this fails by first class post. 

England and Wales


Northern Ireland

Exigences de traduction
(art. 5(3)):

Pursuant to Article 5(3) of the Convention United Kingdom will require the documents to be written in, or translated into, the English language.

Click here to read all the declarations and reservations made by the United Kingdom under this Convention.

Frais d’exécution d’une demande de signification ou de notification
(art. 12):

As from 1 January 1979 no charge is made for service in normal circumstances. However, if the request is for service by a particular method, which incurs extra costs, or in other exceptional circumstances, actual costs of service will be reclaimed.

N.B.: This applies only to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and not to those overseas territories for whose international relations the United Kingdom is responsible.

Délai d’exécution: Scotland:
Within 3 months
Officiers ministériels, fonctionnaires ou autres personnes compétents
(art. 10(b))

For Scotland only:
Requests for service within Scotland of documents in civil and commercial matters can be made directly to sheriff officers and messengers-at-arms (judicial officers). 

This is the preferred method of service in Scotland. The Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers (

Opposition et déclarations
(art. 21(2)):
Cliquer ici pour consulter toutes les déclarations faites par cet État dans le cadre de la Convention Notification.
Art. 8(2): No opposition
Art. 10(a): No opposition
Art. 10(b): Additional information – see declarations
Art. 10(c): Additional information – see declarations
Art. 15(2): Declaration of applicability
Art. 16(3): Declaration for Scotland only:
In accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of Article 16 of the Convention, in relation to Scotland, applications for setting aside judgments on the grounds that the defendant did not have knowledge of the proceedings in sufficient time to defend the action will not be entertained if filed more than one year after the date of judgment.
Voies dérogatoires (accords bilatéraux ou multilatéraux ou loi interne ouvrant d’autres voies de transmission)
(art. 11, 19, 24 et 25)
Clause de non-responsabilité :
Les informations présentées ici peuvent être incomplètes ou imparfaitement mises à jour. Veuillez contacter les autorités concernées pour vérifier ces informations.
To consult bilateral and multilateral treaties to which United Kingdom is a party, click here.
Liens utiles: England and Wales:
Civil Procedure Rules
Autorités compétentes
(arts 6, 9)
Messengers-At-Arms and Sheriff Officers
Autres autorités
(art. 18)

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