Prácticas en la Oficina Permanente
(Head Office, The Hague)

The application period is now open for three- to six-month legal internships at the Permanent Bureau in The Hague, for the period from January to June 2022. Applications will be accepted until 18:00 hours (CEST), Friday 24 September 2021.

(The application period for legal internships from July 2022 will open in due course.)

In the area of Family and Child Protection Law:

The Permanent Bureau in The Hague is seeking at least three interns to work on the following Conventions and projects:

  1. 2000 Protection of Adults Convention (incl. preparation of the 2022 meeting of the Special Commission)
    2007 Child Support Convention and Protocol (incl. preparation of the 2022 meeting of the Special Commission)

  2. 1993 Intercountry Adoption Convention (incl. Working Group on illicit practices and preparation of the 2022 meeting of the Special Commission)
    Parentage / Surrogacy Project

  3. 1980 Child Abduction Convention (incl. Malta Process and related Working Party on Mediation)
    1996 Child Protection Convention
    Family Agreements Involving Children Project

  4. 1961 Form of Wills Convention
    1970 Divorce Convention 

In the area of Legal Cooperation, Dispute Resolution and Commercial and Financial Law:

The Permanent Bureau in The Hague is seeking at least three interns to work on the following Conventions and projects:

  1. 1961 Apostille Convention (incl. e-APP)

  2. Tourists and Visitors (Online Dispute Resolution) Project

  3. 1985 Trusts Convention
    2006 Securities Convention
    Digital Economy (inc. DLT) Project

  4. 2005 Choice of Court Convention
    2019 Judgments Convention
    Jurisdiction Project
    2015 Choice of Law Principles
    1965 Service Convention
    1970 Evidence Convention
    1980 Access to Justice Convention

Application Requirements

Prospective applicants should complete an online application form and submit the following supporting documentation: 

  1. a letter of motivation (two pages maximum)
  2. curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. a transcript of academic records or statement of academic results
  4. an academic writing sample (an excerpt of any of your essays or papers in either English or French)
  5. at least one letter of recommendation 

Please note, all documents should be submitted in PDF format and named as follows:
[FAMILY NAME] [First Name] [Document Number] – [Document Name]
SMITH John 1 – Letter of Motivation
SMITH John 2 – CV

Complete applications should be submitted via the online application form available at the following link:
< > before 18:00 hours (CEST), Friday 24 September 2021. Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

All candidates will be contacted by email regarding the outcome of their application no later than the end of October 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in a video interview to assess their motivations and language ability.


COVID-19 Update
Due to the current global situation and the associated travel limitations and restrictions, the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH may consider the possibility that internships be carried out remotely. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and discussed with successful candidates.

The Permanent Bureau of the HCCH seeks legal interns to assist HCCH staff members in the discharge of their duties and in their day-to-day work. It is also an opportunity for students who, in the context of their degree studies or their doctoral research, wish to gain practical educational work experience, to deepen their knowledge of private international law, and to understand how the HCCH functions.

Duration of Internships
The duration of an HCCH internship is generally three to six months. Please note that only applications for full-time internships (five days per week) will be considered.

Eligibility criteria
The HCCH Internship Programme is open to those currently studying law at the Bachelor, Masters, J.D, and PhD. level and to those who have already been awarded a law degree or Masters.

Language requirements
The intern should speak at least one of the two official languages of the HCCH, English and French. Knowledge of the other official language is an asset. Knowledge of any other languages may also be an advantage.

Duties of the intern
Interns are, among other tasks, required to:

  • carry out research on particular points of private international law and/or comparative law, relevant to the operation of existing HCCH Conventions or to the future work of the HCCH;
  • take part in the preparation of HCCH meetings (e.g., Council on General Affairs and Policy, Working/Experts' Groups, Special Commissions, Diplomatic Sessions);
  • contribute to the promotion of the HCCH and its work, assisting with the preparation of presentations and collection of other information according to the needs of the staff of the Permanent Bureau.

In keeping with the role of the Permanent Bureau as the HCCH secretariat, applicants should bear in mind that the nature of the work assigned will generally be a combination of both legal and administrative work.

Internships offered by the Permanent Bureau are not remunerated. Successful applicants are responsible for their travel costs and expenses for the duration of the internship.

Successful applicants are encouraged to investigate available funding within their university or from other public and private organisations (e.g., scholarships or internship placement programmes offered through their university, grants from research foundations, etc.).

Interns may, however, be eligible to receive a monthly allowance to cover part of their accommodation and living expenses if they meet the following criteria:

  1. the duration of the internship is no less than three months (i.e., 12 weeks); and
  2. the intern is not receiving additional funding or remuneration for the purposes of the internship (excluding travel expenses), from an institution, organisation or fund, the total of which exceeds the equivalent of €500 per month (i.e., exceeds €1,500 for a three-month internship, or €3,000 for a six-month internship).

Depending on available funds, the value of the monthly allowance may vary between €300 and €500. Prior to the commencement of their internship period, interns will be informed of the exact amount of the monthly allowance for that period.

The Permanent Bureau is not able to provide accommodation for interns, but successful applicants will be provided with a document from the Permanent Bureau with useful tips for finding accommodation in The Hague. Please note that successful applicants will be required, upon arrival, to provide an address for the purposes of registration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Interns must be covered by adequate insurance for the duration of the internship and will be asked to provide proof of this upon arrival at the Permanent Bureau. The chosen insurance policy must, at minimum, cover medical and hospital expenses, as well as the cost of repatriation to the country of residence.

Internship Policy and Confidentiality
Interns are bound by the HCCH Internship Policy, a copy of which will be made available to them prior to the commencement of the internship. Successful applicants will also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

An FAQ section providing answers to frequently asked questions related to the HCCH Internship Programme is available here.

For additional information about the HCCH internship programme, please contact: < >