Launch of consultations on the Draft Practical Handbook on the 2000 Protection of Adults Convention

The Permanent Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of consultations on the draft Practical Handbook on the Operation of the 2000 Protection of Adults Convention.

Following preparatory work by the Permanent Bureau, and pursuant to the mandate issued by the Council on General Affairs and Policy, a Working Group was established in March 2021 to finalise the development of the draft Practical Handbook. The Working Group, chaired by Mr Geraldo Rocha Ribeiro (Portugal), is composed of experts with experience in the operation or implementation of the Convention, jointly representing 13 States including 11 Contracting Parties. The Working Group met via videoconference every two weeks from April 2021 to February 2022, with a break in the summer.

The Practical Handbook will provide guidance on the scope of the Convention and factors to be considered in the process of implementing the Convention, including rules of jurisdiction, the law applicable to measures of protection and powers of representation, recognition and enforcement as well as judicial and administrative cooperation.

During the consultation period, HCCH Members and Contracting Parties to the 2000 Protection of Adults Convention will have the opportunity to provide comments on the draft Practical Handbook. An amended version will be circulated by the beginning of the third quarter of 2022, with its final draft to be submitted for review by the Special Commission on the practical operation of the 2000 Protection of Adults Convention, which will hold its first meeting in late 2022.

The draft Practical Handbook on the 2000 Protection of Adults Convention is available here. More information on the Convention is available on the Protection of Adults Section of the HCCH website.