Official opening of the Hague Conference website

26 junio 2003

On Thursday, 8 October 1998, 5:00 p.m., the Secretary General of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr D.J. van den Berg, opened the new website of the Hague Conference on private international law. The creation of this website was made possible by a special financial contribution from the Netherlands Government. A small ceremony took place at the Permanent Bureau to celebrate the event. Among those attending were Professor A.V.M. Struycken (Chairman of the Netherlands Standing Government Committee for the codification of private international law), H.E. Judge G. Parra-Aranguren (Judge at the International Court of Justice), five officials from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depositary of the Hague Conventions, namely Mr V.J.M. Koningsberger (Director Legal Affairs Service), Mr G.H.W.M. Limburg (Head Treaties Division), Ms H.J.M. Bredt (Treaties Division), Mr D. Lekatompessy (Treaties Division) and Mr G.E. Kulsdom (Civil Law Division), and two officials from the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, namely Mr F. van der Velden (Counsellor) and Ms D. van Iterson (Counsellor).