Volume XXIII of the Judges’ Newsletter (Winter 2018-Spring 2019)

The Permanent Bureau is pleased to announce the publication of Volume XXIII of the Judges’ Newsletter (Winter 2018-Spring 2019)  with a Special Focus on “The 20th Anniversary of the International Hague Network of Judges (IHNJ)” which was celebrated on the occasion of the 3rd IHNJ Global Meeting held in Miami from 24 until 26 October 2018.

This “Anniversary” Volume gathers in particular contributions from judges and practitioners from diverse jurisdictions presenting their experience in relation to the operation of the 1980 HCCH Child Abduction Convention. Please note that the French versions of this Volume as well as Volume XXII of the Judges’ Newsletter with a Special Focus on the “The Child’s Voice – 15 years later” will be made available in the coming weeks.