5th Meeting of the ILA Committee on Intellectual Property and Private International Law and ILA-WIPO seminar on “Intellectual Property and Private International Law”, Geneva (15-16 January 2015)

On 15 January 2015 the ILA Committee on IP and Private International Law met at WIPO in Geneva. The Committee welcomed with interest the briefings delivered by the Permanent Bureau about the state of the discussions within the Working Group of the Judgments Project, especially in light of the fact that judgments on intellectual property matters have been proposed to be included in the scope of the future Convention. The following day, the Committee and WIPO co-organized a seminar on "Intellectual Property and Private International Law", inviting the Permanent Bureau to speak about the current state of affairs with regard to the Judgments Project. The seminar confirmed the excellent contacts that the Permanent Bureau has developed with the Committee and the WIPO Secretariat.