Explanatory Reports

The Explanatory Reports on each of the HCCH instruments are aimed at providing information to the public as to the sense intended by the Diplomatic representatives for a particular instrument.

All the Explanatory Reports are included in the Proceedings of the Session that was dedicated to the newly adopted instrument. An offprint (paperback edition) of the Explanatory Report for each adopted instrument is also available from the Permanent Bureau, except, however, for the Explanatory Report on the 2005 Choice of Court Convention, which is distributed by Intersentia. This Report can be ordered at the following address <www.intersentia.com> or through the usual bookshops.

N.B.: The Actes et documents (Proceedings) of the First (1893) to the Tenth (1964) Sessions are only published in French. From the Extraordinary Session (1966) onwards, the replies of the Governments to the questionnaires, as well as the comments of the Governments on the preliminary draft Conventions, are reproduced in their original versions in either French or English; this applies likewise to the Procès-verbaux, the working documents and the Explanatory Reports. From the Twelfth Session (1972) onwards, the preliminary documents and the Explanatory Reports are in bilingual versions.