Proceedings of the HCCH

The principal published work of the HCCH is the collection of the Actes et documents / Proceedings of the HCCH. This collection gathers the transcripts of the debates as well as the negotiations and preparatory work of the Diplomatic Sessions, which result in the adoption of a new Convention. [more]

Collection of Conventions

The Permanent Bureau publishes a Collection of Conventions which comprises the authentic texts of all the Conventions adopted by the HCCH. [more]

Explanatory Reports

The Explanatory Reports on each of the HCCH Conventions are aimed at providing information to the public as to the sense intended by the Diplomatic representatives for a particular Convention. [more]

Brochures, Handbooks and Guides to Good Practice

These handbooks and guides are more particularly aimed at the authorities of the Members of the HCCH and Contracting States who are charged with applying the Conventions, but can also be a useful source of information for practitioners – judges, lawyers, notaries, social workers – who are working with the Conventions  for which they have been drawn up. Distribution details are provided in this catalogue with the specific information for each title.

The Judges’ Newsletter on International Child Protection

This biannual publication was first published in the spring of 1999 and is the result of the desire of the HCCH to guarantee circulation of information relating to judicial co-operation in the field of international protection of children. [more]

Annual Report of the HCCH

The Annual Report on the various activities of the HCCH aims at making the HCCH better known and at reinforcing the enthusiasm, the goodwill and support upon which its success depends. [more]

HCCH International Family Law Briefings

Quarterly updates, provided by the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH, regarding the work of the HCCH in the field of international family law. [more]