2021 Special Commission

Special Commission on the Practical Operation of
the Apostille Convention

5-8 October 2021

Information relating to the 12th International Forum on the e-APP is available here


Draft Agenda

Preliminary Documents:

Prel. Doc. No 1 of January 2021 - Questionnaire relating to the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention)

Prel. Doc. No 2 of 2021 – Synopsis of Responses to Apostille Questionnaire 2021 (forthcoming)

Prel. Doc. No 3 of March 2021 – Draft Practical Handbook on the Operation of the Apostille Convention (available on the Secure Portal only)

Prel. Doc. No 4 of 2021 – Multilingual model certificates (forthcoming)

Prel. Doc. No 5 of 2021 – Updates from 12th e-APP Forum (forthcoming)

Prel. Doc. No 6 of May 2021 – Report from the Chair on the Experts’ Group on the e-APP and New Technologies

Prel. Doc. No 7 of May 2021 – The e-APP: Key Principles and Good Practices

Prel. Doc. No 8 of 2021 – Development of an online forum for the e-APP (forthcoming)

Prel. Doc. No 9 of 2021 – PB role in digital certification (forthcoming)

Prel. Doc. No 10 of 2021 – Data protection and retention (forthcoming)

Information Documents:

Info. Doc. No 1 of 2021 – Report on PB Convention assistance (forthcoming)

Info. Doc. No 2 of 2021 – Report on previous C&Rs (forthcoming)

Info. Doc. No 3 of 2021 – Note on Article 1(3) exclusions (forthcoming)

Info. Doc. No 4 of 2021 – e-APP notification system (forthcoming)