Artikel: 8,15,16

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For the purposes of Article 8 of the Convention it is hereby declared that the Government of Pakistan is opposed to service of judicial documents upon persons, other than nationals of the requesting States, residing in Pakistan, directly through the Diplomatic and Consular agents of the requesting States. However, it has no objection to such service by postal channels directly to the persons concerned (Article 10(a)) or directly through the judicial officers of Pakistan in terms of Article 10(b) of the Convention if such service is recognised by the law of the requesting State.

In terms of the second paragraph of Article 15 of the Convention, it is hereby declared that notwithstanding the provision of the first paragraph thereof the judge may give judgment even if no certificate of service or delivery has been received, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) the document was transmitted by one of the methods provided for in the Convention;
b) the period of time of not less than 6 months, considered adequate by the judge in the particular case, has elapsed since the date of transmission of the document; and
c) no certificate of any kind has been received even though every reasonable effort has been made to obtain it through the competent authorities of the State addressed.

As regards Article 16, paragraph 3, of the Convention it is hereby declared that in case of ex-parte decisions, an application for setting it aside will not be entertained if it is filed after the expiration of the period of limitation prescribed by law of Pakistan.