Parte ou ORIE National flag Roménia
Membro desde 10-IV-1991
Órgão nacional

Ministry of Justice
Department of International Law and Treaties
Unit of judicial co-operation in civil and commercial matters
Strada Apollodor 17
Cod 050741
Tel: +40372041077, +403742041078 (director’s office)
Tel: +40372041083, +40372041217, +40372041218
Fax: +4037204 1079
Contact person: Viviana ONACA Ph.d., Director
Languages of communication: Romanian, English, French

The purpose of National Organs is the communication between the Members and the HCCH’s Permanent Bureau (Secretariat). They are not intended for communications with the public.

Questions concerning a specific Convention may be directed to a Central or Competent Authority designated by a State for a particular Convention. The details of those authorities are available on the webpage relating to the specific Convention. If legal advice is required, assistance from a qualified lawyer may be necessary. 

The Permanent Bureau does not respond to legal queries from private persons or legal practitioners concerning the operation of the various Hague Conventions.

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