Sérvia - Autoridade Central e informações práticas

Central Authority as per 3 January 2014:

Ministry of Justice

Contact details:

Address: Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia
Sector for international legal assistance
Department for international legal assistance in civil matters
Nemanjina 22/26 Str.
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
Telephone: +381 (11) 3622 352
Fax: +381 (11) 3622 352
E-mail: (see below)
General website: http://mpravde.gov.rs/en/index.php
Contact person: Mr Nikola Naumovski
Ms Maja Cvetanovic
Ms Sanja Kos
e-mail: sanja.kos@mpravde.gov.rs
Languages spoken by staff: English 


Practical Information:

Forwarding authorities
(Art. 3(1)):
 The courts, public enforcement officers and notary public
Methods of service
(Art. 5(1)(2)):
In accordance with the Civil Procedure Act, the incoming requests are executed as follows:

The party is summoned by the Court, for the purpose of service of documents.

If the party does not appear before the Court, the document is sent to the party through the Post.

Translation requirements
(Art. 5(3)):
The Republic of Serbia requires documents, which are to be served under Article 5(1), to be in - or translated into - the official language of the Republic of Serbia.

Click here to read all the declarations made by the Republic of Serbia under the Service Convention.

Costs relating to execution of the request for service
(Art. 12):
Time for execution of request:  
Oppositions and declarations
(Art. 21(2)):
Click here to read all the declarations made by Serbia under the Service Convention.
Art. 8(2): Opposition
Art. 10(a): Opposition
Art. 10(b): No opposition
Art. 10(c): Opposition
Art. 15(2): Declaration of applicability
Art. 16(3): Declaration that application for relief will not be entertained if it is filed after the expiration of one year following the date of the judgment.
Derogatory channels (bilateral or multilateral agreements or internal law permitting other transmission channels)
(Arts. 11, 19, 24 and 25)

Information may not be complete or fully updated – please contact the relevant authorities to verify this information.

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