02: Convention of 1 March 1954 on civil procedure

Entry into force: 12-IV-1957

N.B. In case a particular territorial unit is not mentioned in this table of extensions, it means that the application of the Convention has not (yet) been extended to that territorial unit.

Territorial units Extension EIF "Acceptances Auth Res/D/N
Algerian departments (FR) 28-XII-1960 17-VII-1961
French Polynesia (FR) 23-VII-1960 11
Guadeloupe (FR) 28-XII-1960 17-VII-1961
Guyana (FR) 28-XII-1960 17-VII-1961
Martinique (FR) 28-XII-1960 17-VII-1961
New Caledonia and Dependencies (FR) 23-VII-1960 11 D
Réunion (FR) 28-XII-1960 17-VII-1961
Sahara departments of the Oases and Saoura (FR) 2-III-1962 17-X-1962
Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Islands of (FR) 23-VII-1960 11
Somaliland, the French Coast of (FR) 23-VII-1960 11