02: Convention of 1 March 1954 on civil procedure

Entry into force: 12-IV-1957

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Last update: 14-III-2017
Number of Contracting Parties to this Convention: 49
The expression “Contracting Party” covers both cases in which the Convention has, and cases in which the Convention has not yet, entered into force for that Party following the deposit of its instrument of ratification, accession, acceptance or approval (see column EIF in the chart).

Contracting Parties and Signatories to this Convention that are also Members of the HCCH (i.e., the Organisation) are in bold; Contracting Parties and Signatories that are not Members of the HCCH are in italics.

Contracting Party S 1 R/A/S2 Type3 EIF4 EXT5 Auth6 Res/D/N/DC7
Albania 8-IV-2010 A 13-XII-2010
Argentina 23-IX-1987 A 9-VII-1988 D -
Armenia 6-V-1996 A 29-I-1997 -
Austria 1-III-1954 1-III-1956 R 12-IV-1957 D
Belarus 17-V-1993 Su 25-VIII-1991
Belgium 1-III-1954 24-IV-1958 R 23-VI-1958
Bosnia and Herzegovina 23-VIII-1993 Su 6-III-1992 1
China C D,N 15
Croatia 23-IV-1993 Su 8-X-1991 1
Cyprus 27-IV-2000 A 1-III-2001 1 Res 17
Czech Republic 28-I-1993 Su 1-I-1993
Denmark 2-IX-1955 19-IX-1958 R 18-XI-1958 Res 6,15
Egypt 4-II-1981 A 16-XI-1981 Res 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Finland 17-IX-1956 8-I-1957 R 12-IV-1957 D
France 24-I-1956 23-IV-1959 R 22-VI-1959 10 1 N
Germany 9-IV-1957 2-XI-1959 R 1-I-1960 D
Holy See 25-VIII-1966 A 17-V-1967
Hungary 21-V-1965 A 18-II-1966
Iceland 10-XI-2008 A 31-VII-2009 1 D,Res 1,6,9,15,23
Israel 22-XI-1967 A 19-VIII-1968
Italy 1-III-1954 11-II-1957 R 12-IV-1957
Japan 12-III-1970 28-V-1970 R 26-VII-1970 1 N
Kazakhstan 29-I-2015 A 14-X-2015
Kyrgyzstan 22-XI-1996 A 14-VIII-1997
Latvia 15-XII-1992 A 12-IX-1993 D
Lebanon 25-III-1974 A 7-I-1975
Lithuania 5-XI-2002 A 17-VII-2003 D
Luxembourg 28-VI-1954 3-VII-1956 R 12-IV-1957
Mongolia 3-III-2014 A 14-XI-2014
Montenegro 1-III-2007 Su 3-VI-2006
Morocco 22-XII-1971 A 14-IX-1972
Netherlands 1-III-1954 28-IV-1959 R 27-VI-1959 4 1 D,N
North Macedonia 20-III-1996 Su 17-XI-1991
Norway 23-III-1954 21-V-1958 R 20-VII-1958
Poland 13-VI-1962 A 13-III-1963 2 D 1,3,6,9,10,18,19
Portugal 20-II-1957 3-VII-1967 R 31-VIII-1967 D,N 1,9
Republic of Moldova 4-II-1993 A 3-XI-1993
Romania 29-IV-1971 A 29-I-1972 1 D
Russian Federation 28-X-1966 A 26-VII-1967 1 D 1,6,9,15
Serbia 19-IV-2001 Su 27-IV-1992 1
Slovakia 15-III-1993 Su 1-I-1993
Slovenia 8-VI-1992 Su 25-VI-1991 1
Spain 12-IV-1957 20-IX-1961 R 19-XI-1961
Suriname 11-XI-1976 A 7-IX-1977
Sweden 28-VI-1954 21-XII-1957 R 19-II-1958
Switzerland 2-VII-1954 6-V-1957 R 5-VII-1957
Türkiye 23-X-1972 A 11-VII-1973 D 6,15
Ukraine 10-VI-1999 Su 24-VIII-1991 1 D 1,6,9,15
Uzbekistan 5-III-1996 A 2-XII-1996

1) S = Signature
2) R/A/Su = Ratification, Accession or Succession
3) Type = R: Ratification;

A: Accession;
A*: Accession giving rise to an acceptance procedure; click on A* for details of acceptances of the accession;
AEU: Accession by the European Union
AEU*: State bound as a result of the accession by the European Union
A**: Objection
C: Continuation;
Su: Succession;
Den: Denunciation;

4) EIF = Entry into force
5) EXT = Extensions of application
6) Authorities per Convention = Designation of Authorities
7) Res/D/N/DC = Reservations, declarations, notifications or depositary communications