Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Accession accepted by Date of acceptance Entry into force
Mexico 6-II-2000 1-V-2015
Japan 25-IX-2014 1-XII-2014
Gabon 22-X-2014 1-I-2015
Serbia 24-X-2014 1-I-2015
Argentina 27-I-2015 1-IV-2015
Peru 24-II-2015 1-V-2015
China, People's Republic of 31-III-2015 1-VI-2015
South Africa 9-II-2016 1-V-2016
Ukraine 24-II-2016 1-V-2016
Republic of Moldova 14-VI-2016 1-IX-2016
Chile 22-II-2017 1-V-2017
New Zealand 28-IV-2017 1-VII-2017
Andorra 5-V-2017 1-VIII-2017
Brazil 20-VI-2017 1-IX-2017
Entry into force between Zambia and Entry into force
Mexico 1-V-2015
Japan 1-XII-2014
Gabon 1-I-2015
Serbia 1-I-2015
Argentina 1-IV-2015
Peru 1-V-2015
China, People's Republic of 1-VI-2015
South Africa 1-V-2016
Ukraine 1-V-2016
Republic of Moldova 1-IX-2016
Chile 1-V-2017
New Zealand 1-VII-2017
Andorra 1-VIII-2017
Brazil 1-IX-2017

China, People's Republic of - Entry into force

(acceptance on behalf of the SAR of Macao)