New Volume of The Judges’ Newsletter (Summer-Fall 2019)

The Permanent Bureau is pleased to announce the publication of Volume XXIV of The Judges’ Newsletter (Summer-Fall 2019) with a Special Focus on “Urgent Measures of Protection” as provided for under Article 11 of the Convention of 19 October 1996 on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children (“HCCH 1996 Child Protection Convention”).

In cases of urgency, Article 11 of the HCCH 1996 Child Protection Convention gives jurisdiction to the authorities of a Contracting Party where the child is found present – albeit not habitually resident – to take measures of protection for that child. This Volume gathers contributions from members of the International Hague Network of Judges in the form of comments on leading jurisprudence rendered under Article 11. Please note that this Volume is available in English only; the French version will be made available in due course.