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  • The ten years of The Judges' Newsletter, Nicolas Sauvage

SPECIAL FOCUS: Direct Judicial Communications on Family Law Matters and the Development of Judicial Networks, EC-HCCH Joint Conference, Brussels, 15-16 January 2009

Theme I - Direct Judicial Communications in International Child Protection Matters - A Reality

  • Experience of a judge from New Zealand, Judge Peter BOSHIER
  • Experience of a judge from Germany, Judge Eberhart CARL
  • Experience of a judge from England & Wales, Justice Andrew MOYLAN
  • Experience of a judge from the Netherlands, Judge Annette OLLAND
  • The experience of judges from the United States of America with direct judicial communication, Justice James GARBOLINO

Theme II - Development of Regional and International Networks - Their scope and object, appointment process, information about members and functions of members (Draft Principles Nos 1 to 5)

  • Background to the International Hague Network of Judges, Philippe LORTIE
  • Background to the European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters, Joao SIMOES DE ALMEIDA
  • The Hague Network and IberRED in Latin America, Judge Ricardo PÉREZ MANRIQUE
  • The International Hague Network of Judges - the roles and functions of a Judge, Judge Jónas JOHANNSSON
  • The European Judicial Network - the roles and functions of a Judge, Judge Carlos Manuel GONÇALVES DE MELO MARINHO

Theme III - Good Practices for Direct Judicial Communications (Draft Principles Nos 6 to 9)

  • Overarching principle for direct judicial communications and commonly accepted safeguards (Draft Principle No 6), Judge Mary FINLAY GEOGHEGAN
  • Initiating the contact (Draft Principle No 7), Justice Ben STEPHENS
  • Using the best means of communications available in a multilingual context (Draft principles Nos 8 and 9), Judge Javier FORCADA MIRANDA
  • Good practices in the field of cross-border insolvency proceedings in the light of the proposed Hague Draft Principles, James FARLEY

Theme IV - Offices and Mechanisms to facilitate Judicial Communications (Draft Principles Nos 3 to 5)

  • Mechanisms for Judicial Communications in Benin, Judge Saliou ABOUDOU
  • Role and functions of the Head of International Family Law Justice, Delia WILLIAMS
  • The Dutch Office for direct judicial communications, Judge Robine DE LANGE-TEGELAAR
  • Dividing the Brazilian territory in two and the Permanent Working Group, Judge Mônica SIFUENTES PACHECO DE MEDEIROS
  • Support from the Permanent Bureau, Eimear LONG
  • Support from the European Commission, Olivier TELL

Theme V - National Networks in support of the International or Regional Networks (Draft Principles No 3)

  • Provincial and Territorial Hague Network of Judges for Canada, The Honourable Madam Justice Robyn M. DIAMOND
  • National Network for Argentina, Judge Graciela TAGLE
  • The American Judicial Network - A work in progress, Judge Judith L. KREEGER
  • National Network for Spain in support of the European Judicial Network, Javier L. PARRA GARCIA

Theme VI - The interaction between judicial networks and Central Authorities (Draft Principles Nos 1.1, 7.3 and 7.4)

  • Judicial Independence and the International Hague Network of Judges: a personal perspective, Justice Jacques CHAMBERLAND
  • The role of a Central Authority, Andrea SCHULZ
  • The division of powers and the protection of the judge's independence and impartiality (the point of view of a jurisdiction of common law tradition), Justice Catherine McGUINNESS

Theme VII - The Future of Direct Judicial Communications

  • Direct judicial communications in 2018 - What can we expect?, Justice Diana BRYANT
  • Ideas regarding direct Judicial Communications for the purpose of Article15 of the Brussels II bis Regulation, Judge Lubomir PTÁCEK
  • Future use of information for direct judicial Communications, Judge Dionisio NÚÑEZ VERDIN.
  • The future of direct judicial communications, Lord Justice Mathew THORPE

Theme VIII - Conclusions and Recommendations



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