Artículos: 14,22,23

The Government of Sweden declares, in accordance with Article 22.4, that adoptions of children habitually resident in Sweden may only take place if the functions of the Central Authorities are performed by public authorities or bodies accredited under Chapter III.


Swedish law prescribes that applications referred to in Article 14 of the Convention shall be made to the social welfare committee in the municipality in which the applicant resides.

The social welfare committee shall

a) prepare reports pursuant to Article 15.1 of the Convention,
b) examine issues regarding agreements pursuant to Article 17(c) of the Convention,
c) take measures pursuant to Article 21 of the Convention.

If an accredited body is engaged to handle the adoption, the accredited body shall

a) in accordance with Article 15.2 of the Convention submit reports referred to in Article 15.1,
b) in accordance with Article 16.2 of the Convention receive reports referred to in Article 16.1,
c) take measures, which according to Articles 18-20 of the Convention are imposed upon the Central Authority.

(...) In accordance with Article 23.2 of the Convention, the Swedish National Board of Intercountry Adoptions (NIA) shall issue the certificates referred to in Article 23.1, when the adoption has taken place in Sweden or when a foreign adoption ruling has been converted here according to Article 27 of the Convention.