Artículos: Arts 2-6


Article 2
Nicaragua interprets the Convention’s provisions as being applicable as well to family law, in accordance with Article 1 of said Convention, in view of the fact that at the date of the Convention’s signature family-law institutions were part of civil law, so that Nicaragua understands that it was the intention of the Parties not to exclude family-law matters.

Article 3
Nicaragua declares that it is opposed to the service of judicial documents within its territory under Article 8, second paragraph of the Convention.

Article 4
Nicaragua declares that it objects to the forms and channels of sending and service of documents set out in Article 10 (a), (b) and (c) of the Convention.

Article 5
Nicaragua declares that it accepts the provisions of Article 15, second paragraph of the Convention.

Article 6
Nicaragua declares that in accordance with Article 16, third paragraph of the Convention, an application for relief will not be entertained if it is filed after the expiration of a period of one year following the date that the judgment has been entered.