Luxembourg - Central Authority (Art. 3, 16)

The Ministry of Justice shall be charged with the duties of the Central Authority referred to in Article 3 of the Convention as well as the duties of the transmitting authorities referred to in Articles 4 and 16 of the Convention:

Ministère de la Justice
Centre administratif Pierre Werner
13, rue Erasme
L-2934 Luxembourg
Telephone: +352 2478 4039 
Fax: +352 22 52 96 
Language of communication : French
Contact person: Nathalie SOLAGNA  

The Procurator General shall be charged with the duties of the Central Authority referred to in the second paragraph of Article 16 of the Convention:

Le Procureur général d'Etat
Cité judiciaire
Plateau du St.-Esprit
L-2080 Luxembourg
Telephone: 00 352 47 59 81-2336
Fax: 00 352 47 05 50
Language(s) of communication : French, German, English
Contact person:
Mme Monique SCHMITZ, Avocat général
tél.: +352 47 59 81-2336/2393
en son absence / in her absence:
Avocat général de permanence

Without prejudice to the Central Authority's powers to enlist the services of a lawyer, the public prosecutor in the place of domicile or residence of the defendant shall be competent to institute and pursue any proceedings with the object of enforcing an order for payment of costs and expenses as provided for in Article 15 of the Convention.

The Procurator General shall have the same powers in the event of proceedings before the Court of Appeal or the Court of Cassation.

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