Switzerland - Competent Authority (Art. 6)

Designated Competent Authority(ies):

A. Federal Chancellery
B. Cantonal authorities: see the list below, under "Contact details"

Contact details:

Address: The contact details of the Federal Chancellery, as well as useful information (in German, French, Italian, English) is available online from this address (managed by the Federal Chancellery). 
The contact details of 26 Cantonal Authorities of Switzerland can be found in a list which can be consulted online at this address (managed by the Federal Chancellery).
Telephone: -
Fax: -
E-mail: -
General website: -

Practical Information:

Price: Generally, in the majority of Cantons the prices vary from 15 to 30 Swiss francs (approx. €10 to €20).
Useful Links:

Federal Chancellery


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