Brazil - Competent Authority (Art. 6)

Designated Competent Authority(ies):

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Convention, the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil states that, according to the applicable Brazilian legislation, the Judiciary is responsible for supervising and regulating notarial activities in Brazil. Therefore, legal, notarial and registration authorities will have competence to issue certificates by the Brazilian Government.

Contact details:

Address: Conselho Nacional de Justiça
SAF SUL Quadra 2 Lotes 5/6
Brasília/DF, Brazil
CEP: 70070-600
Telephone: +55 (61) 2326-5000
Fax: -
General website (see also "Practical Information") :
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Competent Authorities for issuing the Apostille (search by state/city):

Practical Information:

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To view the Brazilian Apostille:
E-Register: The authenticity of the Brazilian apostilles can be verified by scanning a QR code or entering the alphanumeric code displayed on the Apostille on the webpage of the National Council of Justice. Please click here.

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