Kosovo - Competent Authority (Art. 6)

Designated Competent Authority(ies):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department for Consular Affairs)
Ministry of Internal Affairs (Civil Registration Agency)

Contact details:

Address: Civil Registration Agency
Ministry of Internal Affairs
(for Civil Status and Civil Registry documents)
Luan Haradina n.n
Telephone: +381(0)38 200 19 258
Fax: -
E-mail:: sabrije.rashani@rks-gov.ne
General website: -
Contact person: Ms. Sabrije Rashani, Head of Sector for Coordination and Cooperation
Language(s) of communication: English

Address: Department of Consular Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(All other public documents)
Luan Haradina n.n
Telephone: +381 (0)38 200 77012
Fax: -
E-mail: arta.selimi@rks-gov.net
General Website: -
Contact person: Ms. Arta Selimi
Language(s) of communication: English

Practical Information:

Price: 10 euros
Useful Links: -

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