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Table of Contents

I - Message from the Permanent Bureau

NEWS FLASH - Declaration of the Malta Conference

II - Special Focus: Enforcement of Return and Access Orders

  • Australia (Justice Joseph Kay)
  • Austria (Justice Gudrun Dürrigl)
  • France (Mrs Gabrielle Vonfelt)
  • Germany (Presented by the German Delegation)
  • Hungary (Dr Judit Brávácz and Dr Mária Kurucz)
  • Japan (Professor Yuko Nishitani)
  • The Netherlands (Justice Frans van der Reijt)
  • New Zealand (Justice Jan Doogue)
  • Sweden (Justice Christer Sjödin)
  • Switzerland (Justice Niccolò Raselli)
  • Turkey (Mrs Mehlike Aytaç)
  • United Kingdom
  • England and Wales (Lord Justice Mathew Thorpe)
  • Northern Ireland (Hon. Justice Sir John Gillen)
  • Scotland (Hon. Lord Iain Bonomy)
  • United States (Justice James Garbolino)
  • Uruguay (Dra Cecilia Fresnedo de Aguirre)
  • Conclusions of the Noordwijk Conference (Lord Justice Mathew Thorpe)

III - Some Regional Perspectives

  • Notes from a Small Country: 1980 Hague International Child Abduction Convention – Some Scottish Cases in 2002-2003 (Hon. Lord Iain Bonomy)

IV - International Child Protection Conferences and Seminars

  • Reports on recent judicial conferences and seminars: The Lecco Conference/The Noordwijk Seminar/UK - Egyptian Judicial Conference on Child and Family Law/ Bulgaria/Australia/Croatia/Canada/Belarus
  • Upcoming events: Anglo-German Conference/Mexico

V - Hague Conference Update

  • 110th Anniversary Celebrations of the Hague Conference
  • The 1980 Abduction Convention
  • The Guide to Good Practice / Direct Judicial Communications / INCADAT / INCASTAT / Status of the 1980 Convention
  • The 1993 Adoption Convention
  • The 1996 International Child Protection Convention

VI - Personal Notes

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)