First Meeting of the Working Group on Parentage / Surrogacy

From 13 to 17 November 2023, the Working Group on Parentage / Surrogacy met for the first time. The meeting was held in person, with the possibility for online participation. It was attended by 54 participants in total. The participants represented 49 delegates from 30 Members and five participants from three Observers. Several staff members of the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH also attended the meeting. 

Pursuant to its mandate, the Working Group commenced its consideration of draft provisions for one new instrument on legal parentage generally, including legal parentage resulting from an international surrogacy agreement. The Working Group will provide an update on the progress of its work to the Council on General Affairs and Policy of the HCCH in March 2024, following which it will meet again in April 2024. 

The report of the first meeting is available in English, French and Spanish. More information is available on the Parentage / Surrogacy Section of the HCCH website.