Publication of the HCCH Strategic Plan 2023-2028

The Permanent Bureau is pleased to announce the publication of the HCCH’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2028.

In March 2022, the Council on General Affairs and Policy (CGAP) mandated the establishment of a Working Group to develop a new draft Strategic Plan, to be built upon the basis of the Strategic Plan 2019-2022. The Working Group on the Strategic Plan, chaired by H.E. Ms Adia Sakiqi (Albania), met in September and November 2022. Its discussions were informed by the work previously conducted by the Informal Group of Ambassadors, which met from November 2020 to October 2021, and at an Informal Brainstorming Meeting, held in June 2022.

The draft Strategic Plan 2023-2028 was submitted for review by CGAP during its March 2023 meeting, where it was unanimously approved by the Members of the HCCH.

The Strategic Plan 2023-2028 outlines the mandate and mission of the HCCH, and sets out the three strategic goals pursued by the Organisation to fulfil them:

1.     To develop multilateral conventions and instruments that address global private international law needs;

2.     To ensure the continued effectiveness and relevance of HCCH Conventions and Instruments; and

3.     To facilitate diverse representation and inclusive participation, reflecting the global nature of the Organisation and its Membership.

It also enshrines the guiding principles behind all aspects of the HCCH’s operations, namely cooperation and consensus, and transparency and accountability.

The Permanent Bureau wishes to express its gratitude to all Members of the HCCH for their constructive engagement and valuable contributions to the discussions on the future strategic development of the Organisation. In particular, it acknowledges the contributions made by the members of the Working Group on the Strategic Plan, as well by the members of the Informal Group of Ambassadors and by the participants of the Informal Brainstorming Meeting.

The HCCH Strategic Plan 2023-2028 is available for download in EnglishFrench and Spanish.