Articles: 5, 8, 15 & 16


(Translation) (original: German)
“The Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters of 15 November 1965 shall not apply to the service of documents addressed to the Republic of Austria, including its political subdivisions, its authorities and persons acting on its behalf; such service shall be effected through diplomatic channels.”


(Translation) (original: German)
Declaration pursuant to Article 5 para. 3 (language of the transmitted documents):
“Austria declares that formal service will only be effected by the Central Authority if the document to be served is written in or translated into the German language.”
Opposition to the use of methods of transmission pursuant to Article 8 para. 2 and Article 10:
“Austria objects to the service of documents effected directly through foreign diplomatic or consular agents within its territory, as proposed in Article 8 para. 1, unless the document is to be served upon a national of the state in which the documents originate.”
“Austria objects to the methods of service set out in Article 10 within its territory.”
Declarations pursuant to Article 15 para. 2 and Article 16 para. 3 (judgment without certificate of service, period for the application for relief):
“Austria declares that a judge may give judgment even if no certificate of service or delivery has been received if the conditions set out in Article 15 para. 2 of the Convention are fulfilled."
“Pursuant to Article 16 para. 3 of the Convention, Austria declares that the application for relief will not be entertained if it is filed after one year following the date of the judgment.”