20: Convention of 18 March 1970 on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters

Entry into force: 7-X-1972

N.B. In case a particular territorial unit is not mentioned in this table of extensions, it means that the application of the Convention has not (yet) been extended to that territorial unit.

Territorial units Extension EIF Auth Res/D/N
Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Sovereign Base Areas in the Island of Cyprus (UK) 25-VI-1979 24-VIII-1979 D,Res 4,8,18,213,24,27,33
Anguilla 3-VII-1986 1-IX-1986 D,Res 4,8,16,17,18,23,24,2
Cayman Islands 16-IX-1980 15-XI-1980 D,Res 4,8,16,17,18,23,24,2
Falkland Islands 26-XI-1979 25-I-1980 D,Res 4,8,16,17,18,23,24,2
Gibraltar 21-XI-1978 20-I-1979 D,Res 4,8,16,17,18,23,24,2
Guernsey, Bailiwick of 19-XI-1985 18-I-1986 D,Res 8,23,25
Isle of Man 16-IV-1980 15-VI-1980 D,Res 4,8,16,17,18,23,24,2
Jersey 6-I-1987 7-III-1987 D,Res 8,16,17,18,23,24,25