• To work for a world in which individuals, families as well as companies and other entities whose lives and activities transcend the boundaries between different legal systems, enjoy a high degree of legal security. 
  • To promote the orderly and efficient settlement of disputes, good governance and the rule of law, while respecting the diversity of legal traditions.


  • To be a forum for the Member States for the development and implementation of common rules of private international law in order to co-ordinate the relationships between different private law systems in international situations.
  • To promote international judicial and administrative co-operation in the fields of protection of the family and children, civil procedure and commercial law. 
  • To provide high-standard legal services and technical assistance for the benefit of Member States and States Parties to Hague Conventions, their government officials, judiciary and practitioners. 
  • To provide high-quality and readily accessible information to Member States and States Parties to Hague Conventions, their government officials, judiciary, practitioners and the public in general.


Global Network

  • The strength of the Hague Conference derives from the links it maintains with its Member States and States Parties to Hague Conventions – representing all continents – their national experts, delegates, Central and other National Authorities, professional and academic communities and individuals, and from the co-operation with other international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Diversity of Legal Traditions 

  • The diversity of legal traditions constituting the Hague Conference makes it a unique forum for the development of universally acceptable solutions.


  • The Hague Conference is known for the high-quality and scientific excellence of its work, for the development of creative solutions and for its unrivalled contribution to private international law over a period of more than 100 years.


  • The Hague Conference is a centre within which world experts and delegates are committed to working together on the basis of mutual trust, support and respect.


  • The strengths of the Conference are enhanced by its location in The Hague, Centre for International Justice, and by the significant and sustained support offered by the Netherlands Government.