Republik Korea - Zentrale Behörde und praktische Information

Central Authority(ies):

Director of International Affairs
National Court Administration
Supreme Court of Korea

Contact details:
Address: National Court Administration
Attn.: Director of International Affairs
Seocho-daero 219
SEOUL 06590
Republic of Korea
Telephone: +82 (2) 3480 1734
Fax: +82 (2) 533 2824 
General website: (Supreme Court of Korea)
Contact person: Director of International Affairs
Languages spoken by staff: Korean (by phone), English (by email/fax/in writing)

Practical Information:

Forwarding authorities
(Art. 3(1)):
The court in which the proceedings were intiated.
Methods of service
(Art. 5(1)(2)):
In principle, a competent court, as an appropriate agency, serves the document by registered mail (recorded delivery) or an execution officer serves the documents as prescribed by the Korean Supreme Court Regulations.
Where the translated document is not attached, or the applicant requests so, the competent court may serve by informal method pursuant to Article 5(1)(b).
Relevant laws: Civil Procedure Act (applicable with Contracting States to the Service Convention), Act on International Judicial Mutual Assistance in Civil Matters (applicable with non-Contracting States to the Service Convention).
Translation requirements
(Art. 5(3)):
In case where the document is served under Article 5(1), translation into the official language (Korean) should be attached. 
Costs relating to execution of the request for service
(Art. 12):
1. When an execution officer serves the documents pursuant to Article 5(1).
2. The use of a particular method of service, pursuant to Article 5(2). 
Time for execution of request:

The following data is in accordance with the recent survey conducted by the National Court of Administration.

In 2012, the Central Authority received 604 requests for service. Of these:
• 200 were executed in less than 2 months
• 240 were executed in 2-4 months
• 99 were executed in 4-6 months
• 21 were executed in 6-12 months
• 8 were executed in more than 12 months
• 4 are currently pending

In 2014, 435 requests were received. Of these:
• 259 were executed in less than 2 months• 73 were executed in 2-4 months
• 18 were executed in 4-6 months
• 22 executed in 6-12 months
• 0 were executed in more than 12 months
• 63 are currently pending

Oppositions and declarations
(Art. 21(2)):
Click here to read all the declarations and reservations made by the Republic of Korea under this Convention
Art. 8(2): Opposition
Art. 10(a): Opposition
Art. 10(b): Opposition
Art. 10(c): Opposition
Art. 15(2): Declaration of applicability
Art. 16(3): No declaration

Derogatory channels (bilateral or multilateral agreements or internal law permitting other transmission channels)
(Arts. 11, 19, 24 and 25)

Information may not be complete or fully updated – please contact the relevant authorities to verify this information.

1. Domestic regulation
Act on International Judicial Mutual Assistance in Civil Matters (in particular Chapter 2 and 3)

2. Bilateral Agreements on judicial assistance in civil and commercial matters: Australia (17 September 1999); People's Republic of China (7 July 2003); Uzbekistan (23 November 2004); Mongolia (15 October 2008).

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Civil Procedure Act and Civil Procedure Rules (Part I, Chapter IV, Section 4).

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