Marrocos - Órgão nacional

Ministère de la Justice
Direction des Affaires Civiles 
Division de gestion des mécanismes de coopération internationale en matière civile
Palais de la Mamounia

numéro de téléphone/telephone number: +212 (0) 537 213 675
numéro de télécopie/fax number: +212 (0) 537 705 914

Personnes à contacter / Persons to contact:

The purpose of National Organs is the communication between the Members and the HCCH’s Permanent Bureau (Secretariat). They are not intended for communications with the public. Members of the public are kindly asked not to direct enquiries regarding a particular Convention to the National Organ.
Questions concerning a specific Convention may be directed to a Central or Competent Authority designated by a State for a particular Convention. The details of those authorities are available on the webpage relating to the specific Convention. If legal advice is required, assistance from a qualified lawyer may be necessary.
The Permanent Bureau does not respond to legal queries from private persons or legal practitioners concerning the operation of the various Hague Conventions.

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