Standard questionnaire for newly acceding States

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I Implementing legislation

(a) Is implementing legislation necessary to bring the Convention into force in domestic law?
(b) If so, has the necessary legislation been enacted, and is it in force? (Please provide a copy or indicate where copies of the legislation may be obtained.)

II Locating children

Please indicate the agencies involved and the processes available for the location of missing children in your country.

III Central Authority

(a) The designation and contact details of the Central Authority (please note that this information will be added to the relevant webpage of the Hague Conference website).
(b) Contact persons within the Central Authority, languages spoken, contact details for each (see remark at (a) above).
(c) Please indicate measures taken to ensure that the Central Authority is in a position to carry out the functions set out in Article 7 of the Convention?

IV Judicial procedures

(a) Which courts/administrative bodies within your system have been given jurisdiction to consider applications for return orders (and questions of access) under the Convention?
(b) What measures exist to ensure that return applications will be dealt with expeditiously at first instance and on appeal?
(c) What facilities are available to foreign applicants to assist them in bringing their applications before the courts, and in particular is legal aid available and, if so, on what conditions?

V Enforcement procedures

What procedures and measures exist for the enforcement of:

(a) a return order?
(b) a contact/access order?

VI Substantive law

(a) What are the legal criteria by which custody and contact determinations are made?
(b) Is there a difference in the legal status of mothers and fathers in custody or contact cases?

VII Social services and child protection services

Please describe the services which exist for the assessment, care and protection of children in the context of international child abduction.

Please indicate the services available for the protection (if necessary) of returning children, as well as the services available (including legal advice and representation) to a parent accompanying the child on return.

VIII Information and training

What measures are being taken to ensure that persons responsible for implementing the Convention (e.g. judges and Central Authority personnel) have received appropriate information and training? (Note: the Permanent Bureau may be contacted for information in relation to forms of assistance which may be available for this purpose.)

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