Contracting Parties to this Convention that are also Members of the HCCH (i.e., the Organisation) are in bold; Contracting Parties that are not Members of the HCCH are in italics.

Contracting Party F 1 R/A/S2 Tipo3 EEV4 EXT5 Aut6 Res/D/N/CD7
Bélgica Den
Dinamarca 23-X-1956 3-VII-1964 R 1-IX-1964
Espanha 12-IV-1957
Finlândia 12-IV-1957 3-VII-1964 R 1-IX-1964
França 25-VII-1955 30-VII-1963 R 1-IX-1964
Itália 13-IV-1956 17-III-1958 R 1-IX-1964
Luxemburgo 15-VI-1955
Níger 11-X-1971 A 10-XII-1971
Noruega 24-X-1956 3-VII-1964 R 1-IX-1964
Países Baixos 15-VI-1955
Suécia 23-X-1956 8-VII-1964 R 6-IX-1964
Suíça 20-IX-1971 29-VIII-1972 R 27-X-1972


Bélgica Tipo Denúncia

The Convention was ratified by Belgium on 29 October 1962 (entry into force: 1 September 1964).
In accordance with Article 12, Belgium denounced the Convention on 19 February 1999 (effective from 1 September 1999).