41: Convention of 2 July 2019 on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters

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Últimas atualizações: 3-VII-2019
Number of Contracting Parties to this Convention: 0
The expression “Contracting Party” covers both cases in which the Convention has, and cases in which the Convention has not yet, entered into force for that Party following the deposit of its instrument of ratification, accession, acceptance or approval (see column EIF in the chart).

Contracting Parties to this Convention that are also Members of the HCCH (i.e., the Organisation) are in bold; Contracting Parties that are not Members of the HCCH are in italics.

Contracting Party F 1 R/A/S2 Tipo3 EEV4 EXT5 Aut6 Res/D/N/CD7
Ucrânia 4-III-2020
Uruguai 2-VII-2019

1) F = Assinatura
2) R/A/Su = Ratification, Accession or Succession
3) Tipo = R: Ratificação;

A: Adesão;
A*: Accession giving rise to an acceptance procedure; click on A* for details of acceptances of the accession;
C: Continuidade;
Su: Sucessão;
Den: Denúncia;

4) EEV = Entrada em vigor
5) EXT = Extensões da aplicação
6) Aut = Designação das Autoridades
7) Res/D/N/CD = Reservas, declarações, notificações e comunicações do depositário