Artículos: 22,25,45

In accordance with Article 22, paragraph 4, France declares that adoptions of children who are habitually resident in France may only take place if the functions of the Central Authorities are performed by public authorities or bodies accredited under Chapter III of the Convention.

In accordance with Article 23, France declares that the Mission de l'adoption internationale is the competent authority for the purpose of issuing the certificates referred to in Article 24, paragraph 1, of the Convention in cases where adoption takes place in France or when an adoption granted in another State is converted in France pursuant to Article 27, paragraph 2.

In accordance with Article 25, France declares that it will not be bound under the Convention to recognise adoptions made in accordance with an agreement concluded by application of Article 39, paragraph 2.

In accordance with Article 45, France declares that the Convention shall extend to the whole of the territory of the French Republic, with the exception of its overseas territories.