The Act concerning Social and Legal Protection of Children, approved by the Parliament of the Czech Republic on December 9, 1999 provides for the establishment of the Office for International Legal Protection of Children (hereinafter referred to as "Office"), having its seat in Brno. The Office is the administrative office with nation-wide scope of operation; it is subordinated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
The Office is headed by a Director, appointed and recalled by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

(1) Within the extent of its functions, the Office provides for social and legal protection in relation to abroad in respect of:
a) children having in the territory of the Czech Republic
- permanent residence;
- permanent residence or long-term residence permit;
- applied for refugee status; or
- are entitled to permanent residence;
b) children who are nationals of the Czech Republic and are not permanently resident in its territory;
c) children who are not nationals of the Czech Republic, do not have a permanent or long-term residence permit in its territory and are not staying in its territory, provided their parents or other physical persons having a child support order in respect of these children are staying in the Czech Republic.
(2) In executing its responsibilities under para. 1 of this provision, the Office:
a) acts as the receiving and sending body within the implementation of international treaties and performs other duties arising for the Czech Republic out of international treaties concerning social and legal protection;
b) acts as a child guardian;
c) at the request of parents living in the Czech Republic or social and legal protection bodies, requests from the competent bodies and other legal and physical persons reports on the situation of children who are nationals of the Czech Republic and are not permanently resident in its territory;
d) provides for the transmission of personal documents and other letters abroad and for documents and other letters to be transmitted from abroad;
e) co-operates with government bodies or other organizations abroad executing similar responsibilities and duly authorized in their respective States to carry out activities related to social and legal protection and as appropriate with other bodies, institutions and legal persons;
f) provides assistance in the search for parents of a child, providing the parents or one of them are living abroad, in establishing property and incomes situations for establishing child support, provides for the petitioning of actions to secure child support, concerning in particular child support adjustment, upbringing and establishment of paternity;
g) examines, for the purposes of adoption of a child in the receiving State, the social environment and family situation of the child;
h) fulfils the responsibilities arising out of the adoption and enters into contact with the competent bodies, and physical and legal persons if so required by the discharge of functions of the Office arising out of the said Act;
i) gives consent to the adoption of a child abroad.