Artículos: 1,5,8,10,15

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Text of the declarations:

Re Article 1
1. With regard to Article 1, Switzerland takes the view that the Convention applies exclusively to the Contracting States. In particular, it believes that documents which are effectively addressed to a person resident abroad cannot be served on a legal entity who is not authorized to receive them in the country in which they were drawn up without derogating from Articles 1 and 15, first paragraph, of the Convention.

Re Article 5, third paragraph
3. Switzerland declares that in cases where the addressee does not voluntarily accept a document, it cannot officially be served on him or her in accordance with Article 5, first paragraph, unless it is in the language of the authority addressed, i.e. in German, French or Italian, or accompanied by a translation into one of these languages, depending on the part of Switzerland in which the document is to be served (cf. annex).

Re Articles 8 and 10
5. In accordance with Article 21, second paragraph (a), Switzerland declares that it is opposed to the use in its territory of the methods of transmission provided for in Articles 8 and 10.