Artículos: 8,15,16

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Text of the declarations:

3. Le Gouvernement belge s'oppose à l'usage sur le territoire belge de la faculté prévue à l'article 8, alinéa premier;
4. Le Gouvernement belge déclare se prévaloir de la disposition contenue dans l'article 15, alinéa 2;
5. Conformément à l'article 16, alinéa 3, le Gouvernement belge déclare que les demandes visées à l'article 16, alinéa 2, sont irrecevables si elles sont formées après l'expiration d'un délai d'un an à compter du prononcé de la décision;
6. The Government of Belgium wishes to draw attention to the fact that any request for service filed in accordance with article 5, first paragraph, (a) or (b), requires the intervention of a judicial officer and that, in accordance with article 12, the applicant must pay €165 (including Belgian VAT) in advance for every document served on and intended for a natural or legal person. This payment must be made directly through a bank or financial institution in Belgium approved by the applicant’s country; bank charges are to be borne by the applicant. If the VAT of the State of origin is applied to the costs of service under international regulations on value added tax, the judicial officer will reimburse any overpayment. Once it has received the application, the Belgian Central Authority will inform the applicant of the bank account to which the payment must be made and the file reference number to be quoted in communications. The applicant’s submission of proof of payment to the Belgian Central Authority will enable the effective transmission of the request for service to a judicial officer with territorial jurisdiction.
The above rules concerning the payment amount, its prior transfer and the reimbursement of any overpayment also apply to service effected under article 10 (b) and (c)