Artículos: 8, 15, 16


In accordance with the provisions of Article 21, the Principality of Andorra declares: (...)

c) The Principality of Andorra declares that, in accordance with Article 8, it is opposed to the service of documents effected directly by the diplomatic or consular agents of the Contracting States on persons who are not nationals of those States.

d) With regard to Article 15, paragraph 2, the Principality of Andorra declares that the judge may give judgment even if no certificate of service or delivery has been received, if all the provision of Article 15, paragraph 2, are fulfilled.

e) With regard to Article 16, paragraph 3, the Principality of Andorra declares that an application for relief will no longer be entertained if it is filed after the expiration of more than 1 year following the date of the judgment.