State responses


Please note: "last updated" refers to the date when Authorities submitted the Country Profile with changes in the information contained in the document. "Confirmed", when applicable, refers to the date when the Authorities confirmed that the information contained in the Country Profile remains up to date.

Albania (last updated: 2024)

Andorra (last updated: 2017)

Argentina (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Ley Nº 23.857 | Civil Code - Patria Potestas (English) + Español | Protection against family violence (English) + Español | Visitation Rights (English) + Español | Ley de protección integral a las mujeres | Civil Code - Rights and duties of relatives (English) + Español | Mediación y conciliación: Ley 24.573 | Mediación y conciliación: Ley 26.589

Armenia (last updated: 2017)

Australia (last updated: 2023)

Austria (last updated: 2015)

Belgium (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Loi 10.08.1998 | Loi 10.05.2007 | Requête | Certificat Autorité parentale | Code pénal | Code pénal - Section IV | Loi Médiation

Bolivia | Spanish version (last updated: 2019)

Brazil (last updated: 2023)

Bulgaria (last updated: 2011)
Additional documentation: Personal Documents Act | Child Protection Act (extract) | Child Protection Act (full version) | Code of Civil Procedure (extract) | Family Code | Request for access

Burkina Faso (last updated: 2011)

Cabo Verde (last updated: 2023)

Canada: Federal (last updated: March 2023) | Alberta (last updated: March 2023) | British Columbia (last updated: March 2023) | Manitoba (last updated: March 2023) | New Brunswick (last updated: March 2023) | Nova Scotia (last updated: March 2023) | Nunavut (last updated: March 2023) | Ontario (last updated: March 2023) | Prince Edward Island (last updated: March 2023) | Quebec (last updated: March 2023) | Saskatchewan (last updated: March 2023)

Chile (last updated: 2023)

China - Hong Kong SAR (last updated: 2023)

China - Macau SAR (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Annex 1 - Application Form: Request for return of child | Annex 2 - Application Form: Request for rights of access

Colombia (last updated: 2022 | Confirmed: 2023)

Costa Rica (last updated: 2022 | Confirmed: 2023)

Croatia (last updated: 2017)

Cyprus (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: The Family Disputes Mediation Law 62(I)-2019 | relevant legislation

Czech Republic (last updated: 2023)

Denmark (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: relevant legislation

Dominican Republic (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Resolución No. 480-2008 | Ley 136-03 | Ley 24-97

Ecuador (last updated: 2023)

El Salvador (last updated: 2023)

Estonia (last updated: 2022)

Finland (last updated: 2017)
Additional documentation: Child Custody and Right of Access Act | Child Custody and Right of Access Decree | A booklet providing basic information to parents and intended as a guide to Finnish authorities in cases of international child abduction, has been prepared in co-operation between the Ministry of Justice, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Police and the Association for Abducted Children in February 2021: Booklet on International Child Abduction (in Finnish, Swedish and English).

France (last updated: 2017)
Additional documentation: Liste des accords bilatéraux auxquels la France est partie en matière de déplacements illicites d'enfants

Georgia (last updated: 2023)

Germany (last updated: 2023)

Greece (last updated: 2017)
Additional documentation: relevant legislation

Guatemala (last updated: 2023)

Guinea (last updated: 2013)
Additional documentation: Code civil | Code pénal | Code de l'enfant

Honduras (last updated: 2017)

Hungary (last updated: 2018)

Iceland (last updated: 2017)

Ireland (last updated: 2016)
Additional documentation: Practice Direction | Application Form

Israel (last updated: 2011)
Additional documentation: Hague Convention LawHague RegulationsPenal Law sections | Prevention of Violence

Italy (last updated: 2016)

Jamaica (last updated: 2018)

Japan (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Implementation Act

Kazakhstan (last updated: 2024)
Additional documentation: Application for the return of the child | Application for the exercise of the right of access

Latvia (last updated: 2023)

Lithuania (last updated: 2023)

Malta (last updated: 2011)

Mauritius (last updated: 2011)

Mexico (last updated: 2024)

Montenegro (last updated: 2014)

Netherlands (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Annexes

New Zealand (last updated: 2012)

Nicaragua | Spanish version (last updated: 2023)

Norway (last updated: 2017)
Additional documentation: The Child Abduction ActThe Child Welfare Act | The Children Act

Panama (last updated: 2012)

Paraguay (last updated: 2024)

Peru (last updated: 2011)
Additional documentation: Poder internacional para las partesPoder internacional para régimen de visitas | Código de los niños y adolescentes

Poland (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Annexes

Portugal (last updated: 2023)

Republic of Korea (last updated: 2013)
Additional documentation: Implementation ActRequest for Assistance in Securing the Return of the Child

Republic of Moldova (last updated: 2024)

Romania (last updated: 2017)
Additional documentation: relevant legislation

Russian Federation | Russian version (last updated: 2016)

Serbia (last updated: 2023)

Singapore (last updated: 2023)

Slovakia (last updated: 2017)

Slovenia (last updated: 2017)

South Africa (last updated: 2012)

Spain (last updated: 2011)

Sweden (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: relevant legislation

Switzerland (last updated: 2023)

Thailand (last updated: 2011)

Türkiye (last updated: 2023)

Ukraine (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Annexes

United Kingdom: England and Wales (last updated: 2023) | Northern Ireland (last updated: 2023) | Scotland (last updated: 2023)
Additional documentation: Accompanying note (England and Wales) | Rules of the Supreme Court (Northern Ireland) | Legal Aid (General) Regulations (NI) 1965 (Northern Ireland) | The Children (NI) Order 1995: Parental responsibility (Northern Ireland)

United States of America (last updated: 2024)

Uruguay (last updated: 2022)
Additional documentation: Contact Form | Return Form

Venezuela (last updated: 2011)
Additional documentation: Planilla de aplicación | Requirements to apply for international child return and international rights of access