Download the Briefing for March 2013 (extract from International Family Law, March 2013, pp. 84-88) here.


  • Introduction
  • The 2007 Hague Child Support Convention: an update
    • Entry into Force
    • Caseworker’s Practical Handbook
    • Electronic Country Profile
    • Explanatory Report in Spanish
    • Heidelberg Global Maintenance Conference: March 2013
    • New 2007 Child Support Convention. Materials developed to assist Judges and the General Public
    • Fundraising continues for iSupport, the future electronic case management, communications and fund transfer system under the 2007 Convention
  • The 1993 Hague Intercountry Adoption Convention: an update
    • Meeting of an Expert Group on the financial aspects of intercountry adoption (8–9 October 2012)
    • Working Group to develop a common approach to preventing and addressing illicit practices in intercountry adoption cases
    • Francophone Workshop on the 1993 Hague Intercountry Adoption Convention, (Dakar, Senegal, 27–30 November 2012)
  • Special Commission on the practical operation of the Apostille Convention (The Hague, 6-9 Novembe 2012)
  • UNICEF Conference on the Theory and Practice of Child Protection Systems (New Delhi, India, 13–16 November 2012)
  • Opening of the Centre for Private International Law of the Hague Conventions in Niš, Serbia
  • The Hague Children’s Conventions: Status Update

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)