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Table of Contents

I. Special Focus: Malta Judicial Conference on Cross-Frontier Family Law Issues

  • Hague Conference (Professor William Duncan)
  • United Kingdom (The Right Honourable Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss)
  • Algeria (Mr Ahmed Taleb)
  • Belgium (Ms Irène Lambreth)
  • Egypt (Counsellor Dr Iskandar Ghattas)
  • France (Ms Béatrice Biondi)
  • Germany (Mr Eberhard Carl)
  • Italy (Mr Giuseppe Nicastro)
  • Lebanon (Ms Marie-Denise Meouchi and Ms Joyce F. Tabet)
  • Malta (The Honourable Mr David Scicluna)
  • Morocco (Mr Mohammed El Majdoubi El Idrissi)
  • The Netherlands (Mr Frans van der Reijt)
  • Spain (Mr Pascual Ortuño Muñoz)
  • Sweden (Mr Christer Sjödin & Mr Bengt Sjöberg)
  • Tunisia (Ms Hamida Laarif)
  • European Commission (Ms Monika Ekström)
  • Reunite (Ms Anne-Marie Hutchinson)
  • Declaration of the Malta Conference

II. Special feature

  • United States (Ambassador Mrs Maura Harty)

III. Perspectives from some NGOs

  • Reunite (Ms Denise Carter)
  • Child Focus (Ms Christel van Goethem)
  • Collectif de Solidarité aux Mères des Enfants Enlevés (Ms Odette Brun and Ms Hansu Yalaz)

IV. International Child Protection Conferences and Seminars

  • Reports on recent judicial conferences and seminars
  • Forthcoming events

V. Hague Conference Update

VI. Personal Notes

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)