Kick-off Meeting of the Digital Tokens Project

In March 2024, the Council on General Affairs and Policy (CGAP) decided to commence the Digital Tokens Project (see Conclusion & Decision No 12). Under this project, the Permanent Bureau (PB), in partnership with relevant subject-matter experts and Observers, is studying the private international law issues relating to digital tokens.

On 15 May 2024, the kick-off meeting of the Digital Tokens Project was held online, hosted by the PB in The Hague. The meeting was attended by 32 participants, representing 12 Members and six Observers, as well as by members of the PB.

The kick-off meeting introduced questions in a draft Scope Paper, which forms the foundation for the work to be conducted by the experts over the coming year, and which will be iterated on the basis of input gathered during the meeting. The first and second working meetings of the Digital Tokens Project will be held in June and October 2024, respectively.

The PB will submit a report of the outcomes of the Digital Tokens Project, including proposals for next steps, to CGAP ahead of its 2025 meeting.