Sixth Meeting of the Working Group on Jurisdiction

From 29 January to 2 February 2024, the Working Group on Matters Related to Jurisdiction in Transnational Civil or Commercial Litigation met for the sixth time. The meeting, held in hybrid format, was attended by 63 experts in total, of which 29 attended in person. The experts represented 21 HCCH Members and 2 Observers. Several staff members of the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH also attended the meeting.

Pursuant to its mandate, the Working Group made further progress on the development of draft provisions on parallel proceedings and related actions or claims, which may occur when separate proceedings are instituted before the courts of different States. The Working Group will present a report on the progress of its work to the Council on General Affairs and Policy in March 2024, including the provisions derived from its discussions.

More information on the Jurisdiction Project is available on the Jurisdiction Section of the HCCH website.