Contracting Parties to this Convention that are also Members of the HCCH (i.e., the Organisation) are in bold; Contracting Parties that are not Members of the HCCH are in italics.

Contracting Party S 1 R/A/S2 Type3 EIF4 EXT5 Auth6 Res/D/N/DC7
Argentina 5-II-1992 5-II-1992 R 1-V-1992
France 14-III-1978 3-IX-1985 R 1-V-1992
Netherlands 11-IX-1987 21-VII-1992 R 1-X-1992 1 Res 18
Portugal 26-V-1978 4-III-1982 R 1-V-1992 Res 18


Netherlands Type Ratification

Ratification for the Kingdom in Europe and Aruba.


Netherlands Articles Reservations

The Kingdom of the Netherlands shall, for the Kingdom in Europe, not apply the Convention to agency in matters of insurance.

Portugal Articles Reservations

... (Portugal) will not apply the Convention in all the cases referred to in Article 18 of the Convention.