Articles: 8,10,15,16

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Text of the declarations:

4. The Government of Norway is opposed to the use of such methods of service or transmission of documents on its territory as mentioned in Articles 8 and 10 of the Convention.

5. Norwegian courts may give judgment when all the conditions specified in the second paragraph of Article 15 are fulfilled.

6. In accordance with the third paragraph of Article 16, application for relief according to Article 16 will not be entertained if they are delivered to the competent Norwegian authorities after the expiration of three years following the date of the judgment.

14.03.2023: “In accordance with Article 2 of the Convention, the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority is designated as Central Authority. […] In accordance with Article 6 of the Convention, the Court in whose district the document has been served is designated for the purpose of completing the certificate in the form annexed to the Convention.”