Articles: 5,8,15,16

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Text of the declarations:

2. In accordance with Article 8, the Luxembourg Government is opposed to diplomatic and consular agents directly serving within its territory judicial documents on persons other than nationals of their own country.

(3. In accordance with Article 10, the Luxembourg Government is opposed to judicial documents being sent through postal channels to persons residing within its territory *.

* Luxembourg communicated the withdrawal of this declaration by a Note dated 2 June 1978).

4. When foreign judicial documents are served, in connection with Articles 5 a) and 10 b) and c), through the intermediary of a Luxembourg official, they must be drawn up in French or German or accompanied by a translation into one of those languages.

5. The Luxembourg Government declares that notwithstanding the provisions of Article 15, para. 1, of the Convention, its judges can enter judgment if the conditions set out in para. 2 of the said Article are fulfilled.

6. In accordance with Article 16, para. 3, of the Convention, the Luxembourg Government declares that the applications referred to in para. 2 of the said Article will not be entertained if they are filed after the expiration of a period of one year following the date of the judgment.